How to install a new template

For some, installing a new template to Blogger may be difficult. There might be errors when replacing then saving the codes in the Edit HTML option.

Copy and pasting the codes alone may not work to give you the template you wanted. The new Blogger now uses XML codes to be used to work out the template.

To successfully install new template, go to Edit HTML. Now, backup your old template by clicking Download Full Template, in case the new one that you're planning to apply may have some internal errors in it and may not at all turn out the way it should. Save the downloaded template into your desired folder.

The next thing to do now you have the back-up is browse your desired template as the replacement. The file that we want to upload here is the XML file. You will need to unzip the file first if that template file is a .zip file. Well most of the template files are of this.

Once you have located that particular XML file, click upload, and presto! You now have successfully installed your new Blogger template. The only thing you should do now is tweak it.