How to modify your favicon

I've noticed that many of the bloggers who use the Blogger platform don't have their own favicon, thus left with the default Blogger icon. What is favicon anyway? Favicon is the teeny weeny icon you see at the left of your window tab, as encircled in the screenshot below.

Did you know that you can personalize this as easy as ABC? Here's how:

1. Get or make a picture that you would like to place as your favicon, something that will represent your blog. The picture needs no specific size as it will automatically be adjusted once installed to your blog.

2. Upload the picture to Photobucket, or any photo sharing site, like Flikr.

3. Copy the code below and replace the letters in red with the URL (source) of your uploaded/hosted picture to be your favicon.

<link href="" rel="shortcut icon"/>

4. Now go to your Template tab in your Blogger dashboard and click Edit HTML.

5. Paste the code right under <head> as highlighted in the screenshot below.

(Click for a larger image)

6. Save template.

7. Now view what you have just done.